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Ambulance Driver Helps With Massachusetts Drunk Driving Arrest

At about 2:00 a.m. last Monday a Massachusetts ambulance driver watched a car being driven erratically. He then saw the driver attempt to order food from a closed McDonald’s restaurant. Apparently the man tried to first order from the drive through window. He then got out of his car and stumbled to the door of the closed establishment. The ambulance driver called the police and a stop and arrest were ultimately effectuated. The man was charged with second offense OUI, a misdemeanor in Massachusetts.

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In Massachusetts a second offense OUI is punishable by up to two and one half years in jail. There is a thirty day mandatory house of correction sentence that must be imposed and a two year loss of license. A hardship license may be granted after one year. Here, the defendant’s conduct is the district attorney’s best evidence of impairment. Trying to order food from the drive thru window and then trying to enter a clearly closed establishment will likely suggest to a jury that the defendant was not in a position to operate a motor vehicle that night.

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