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Boating Under The Influence Charges Up In Massachusetts As Summer Gets Underway

Jeffrey Daluz is no stranger to operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol. Last Saturday he did it again, this time in his boat. The fifty three year old Cape Cod man has five OUI convictions in Massachusetts and seven arrests for alcohol related crimes. On the Fourth of July he drove his boat into a fireworks security zone in Yarmouth and was arrested and charged with DUI boating.

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Boating DUI Charges On The Rise As Summer Gets Going In Massachusetts

OUI boating in Massachusetts is governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90B Section 8. The law states that anyone who operates a boat under the influence of alcohol is guilty of a misdemeanor. The punishment for first time offenders is a fine of one hundred dollars and a possible two and one half year jail sentence. Second time offenders are subject to a minimum mandatory fourteen day jail sentence and third time offenders face a mandatory minimum six month jail sentence. Much like OUI refusal cases, a refusal to take a breathalyzer test subjects the defendant to a one hundred twenty day driver’s license suspension. It is important to understand that boating OUI cases impact a person’s right to drive a car in much the same way as OUI cases. Boaters are often given field sobriety tests when brought to shore. Daluz has already lost his driver’s license for life. If he gets convicted of this crime he will no doubt be serving a jail sentence.

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