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Cape Cod Woman Charged With Driving While on Drugs After Injury Crash

A West Yarmouth woman was charged with operating her minivan under the influence of drugs last week after she allegedly caused a crash. According to a Dec. 12 article from the Cape Cod Times, Adrienne Musgrave, 34, was driving in the wrong lane before the crash. Annemarie Jones, 41, was driving her own minivan correctly in that lane when she saw Musgrave’s vehicle coming and swerved into the oncoming lane to avoid it. Musgrave swerved back into her lane and the two vehicles collided head-on. Jones, and a five-year-old child passenger in her minivan, were hospitalized in Boston in serious condition. The child reportedly sustained a head injury. Musgrave was listed in stable condition at a Hyannis hospital. She is charged with OUI with drugs, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to stay in her lane.

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Depending on the circumstances, a drug-related charge may offer multiple avenues of defense for an experienced Massachusetts intoxicated driving defense attorney. Despite what many people assume, you absolutely can be charged with OUI for taking a medication that was legally prescribed to you, if that drug is illegal to take before driving. Massachusetts law specifically lists many drugs that fall into this category. However, the law doesn’t include every prescription drug that might lead to an intoxicated driving charge, even powerful painkillers and sedatives. If the prosecution cannot establish that it’s illegal in our state to take the drug at issue and then drive, it has no case. The defendant may still face charges related to illegal possession, but a good Massachusetts OUI defense lawyer should be able to get the OUI portion of the case dropped or dismissed.

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