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Cincinnati Bengals Cornerback Leon Hall Charged With DUI

So you thought the Cincinnati Bengals off field criminal problems were over. Not just yet. Their best cornerback, the player who led the team in interceptions last year was just arrested for drunk driving in Ohio. According to reports, shortly after 3:00 a.m. on Sunday Hall was pulled over, presumably for driving over the center of the road. Police observed him with bloodshot eyes and a moderate smell of alcohol on his breath. Hall was given a breathalyzer test where he blew nearly .15, almost twice the legal limit in Ohio.

DUI Charges For Another NFL Player

Here is what Hall is facing. In Ohio, a first offense conviction requires a three day jail sentence or a three day driver education program. The court will then suspend your driver’s license for anywhere between six months and three years. The penalty for blowing above .10 is a ninety day loss of license. Had Hall refused to take the breathalyzer test he would be looking at a one year loss of license. It might be possible for Hall to get limited driving privileges after fifteen days.

Had this occurred in Massachusetts, Hall would have a thirty day loss of license for the .10 and a forty five day loss of license for the drunk driving conviction, assuming he gets convicted. He would also have to enter into an alcohol education program and pay fines and fees.

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