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Fight Between Friends Leads To OUI Charges For Salem Massachusetts Man

Just the other night Andrew Caron was with his friend Carl Fuller. Fuller was driving his father’s car. Apparently Fuller had loaned Caron the keys this past Saturday night. Supposedly Caron was sober at the time. Caron returned with a couple of girls, picked up Fuller and continued to drive the car. Fuller became concerned about Caron’s state of sobriety and tried to get him to pull over. Caron pulled the car over at which time he and Fuller struggled over the keys. A Salem, Massachusetts police officer witnessed the event and investigated. He asked Caron if he had been drinking. Caron told the officer that he had not been drinking. Fuller told the cop otherwise. Caron and Fuller continued their struggle and Caron was arrested. He now stands charged with OUI in the Salem District Court. A district court set bail at one thousand dollars cash.

Drunk Driving Charges For Salem Massachusetts Man

There are a few things defense lawyers would like to know about this case. For instance, did Caron take any field sobriety tests? Did he take a breathalzyer test? How was he operating at the time of the stop and who if anybody witnessed the driving? What did Caron do from the time he went to pick up the girls until he got back to pick up Fuller? How much time laspsed? All of these questions needs to be answered before anyone can effectively evaluate Caron’s case. The job of criminal defense lawyers is to do just that. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a defendant’s case and recommend how to best defend or resolve the case.

Drunk driving cases are common to our criminal defense practice. We have literally handled over one hundred OUI cases in Massachusetts and other jurisdictions. While these cases are common the stakes can be high. You face a loss of license, possible criminal record and in some cases jail time. If you have a drunk driving case in Massachusetts call our office now at 617-263-6800 or contact us online.

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