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Framingham Massachusetts Man Charged With OUI Serious Bodily Injury

This past Saturday Nicko Castaneda was driving a Saturn in Framingham, Massachusetts. Just after 3:00 p.m. Castaneda rear ended a man on a motorcycle on School Street. Apparently the man was attempting to take a turn into the Walgreen’s parking lot on that street. The impact of the crash sent the victim about seventy two feet before it and the Saturn stopped. The motorcycle was found partially underneath Castaneda’s car. When the police arrived at the accident scene they noticed that Castaneda had trouble standing. He admitted to drinking eight beers. A breathalyzer test was administered. The result showed that Castaneda had a blood alcohol content of .21, more than two and one half times the legal limit. The victim suffered serious injuries. Castaneda was charged with OUI Second Offense, OUI Serious Bodily Injury and Operating to Endanger. The case is pending in the Framingham District Court. Bail was set at one thousand dollars.

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Framingham Man Charged With Second Offense DUI

Castaneda is in a lot of trouble. Just this past February he was convicted of his First Offense OUI in the Dedham District Court. For that case the best scenario would have been a “24D” disposition wherein the case was continued without a finding for one year and certain statutorily mandated probationary conditions. Now however the probation department in Dedham will likely move to surrender Castaneda. A judge can convert the continuance without a finding to a guilty and impose a two and one half year jail sentence. On the new case the defendant is looking at a second offender disposition or a mandatory thirty day jail sentence and a potential two and one half year jail sentence.

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