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Holliston Massachusetts Man Involved In Crash Charged With OUI Serious Bodily Injury In Framingham Court

Last Friday Peter Koshivas of Holliston, Massachusetts crashed his Honda Civic into a tree just after 1:00 in the morning. His passenger, Benjamin Snow was injured in the crash and taken to the hospital by helicopter. Police stated that both Koshivas and Snow are luck to be alive. Koshivas will be charged with OUI Serious Bodily Injury, Reckless Driving and related Motor Vehicle Charges. The case will be prosecuted in the Framingham District Court. The article was not specific on the details of the crash.

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Holliston, Massachusetts Man Who Injured Friend In Crash To Be Prosecuted For DUI, Other Motor Vehicle Crimes

The article reported that Koshivas was also injured in the crash. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that he never took the field sobriety tests nor did he take a breathalyzer test. I would imagine that blood was taken from him at the hospital and that it has been tested for the presence of alcohol. As I have mentioned in prior posts the blood must be taken and tested in certain ways to avoid the possibility of a false positive result. Absent any eyewitness testimony the prosecution will probably base its case on Koshivas’ blood test results and an accident reconstruction. The accident reconstruction simply buttresses the district attorney’s case provided they have an alcohol sample that reads a .08 or higher. If not, the OUI aspect of this case is harder to prove.

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