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62 Year Old Massachusetts Man Charged With OUI Drugs Causing Seriously Bodily Injury

Jesse Marquardt was competing in a triathlon this past Sunday in Marlborough, Massachusetts. At around 9:00 a.m. during the running leg of the event he was struck by a car driven by Richard Dwyer, a 62 year old Marlborough man. According to witness accounts, Dwyer’s car swerved into Marquardt causing him to flip over the vehicle and hit the pavement. Dwyer continued to drive and was apprehended by police about one mile away. Marquardt was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for sever injuries and ultimately released. Dwyer was charged with OUI drugs, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident and OUI with serious bodily injury. The case is pending in the Marlborough District Court.

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Massachusetts Man Charged With DUI Drugs After Hitting Triathlete

Here is the interesting part of this case. Dwyer has been charged with OUI Drugs even though “the type of drugs is yet to be determined”. What exactly does this mean? If he did not submit to a blood test there is no way to ascertain with any degree of legal certainty that he was under the influence of drugs. Rather it appears that this is pure speculation on the part of law enforcement. If he did submit to a blood test then a toxicology screen will determine if in fact drugs were in his system. This still does not mean that he was under the influence of those substances. In situations like this it is advisable to engage a toxicologist to assist in the preparation of the defense. A good toxicologist will be able to explain to a jury how these substances affect certain individuals and how the symptoms of intoxication manifest themselves. They will also be able to tell a jury how long certain substances remain in the system and whether the substance was causing impairment at the time of operation.

Dwyer’s bigger problem seems to be the crime of leaving the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury in Massachusetts is punishable by a sentence of between six months and two years. These charges are taking quite seriously in Massachusetts. The law requires a driver to stop in situations such as this and a failure to do so will almost always result in a prosecution.

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