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Lawrence Massachusetts Man Charged With OUI, Manslaughter After Killing Girlfriend’s Daughter With Car

Twenty six year old Gilberto Vega was arraigned yesterday in the Lawrence District Court. The charges are manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury, motor vehicle homicide and OUI. The Lawrence Eagle Tribune reports that Vega and his girlfriend had an argument after which she, Betzaida Laureano asked him to leave. When he left Vega drove his car at Laureano who was standing on the sidewalk with her children. Vega drove on the sidewalk towards Laureano and ended up hitting her daughter Evelize Curet. Curet was taken to Lawrence General Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

DUI And Manslaughter Charges For Massachusetts Man Who Killed Girlfriend’s Daughter

There is no doubt that this case will be presented to a grand jury and indicted. Vega will have to defend against these charges in the Essex County Superior Court in Salem, Massachusetts. The OUI charges are the least of his worries. Vega’s biggest problems are the manslaughter and motor vehicle homicide OUI charges. Manslaughter in Massachusetts carries a maximum twenty year state prison sentence. Motor vehicle homicide in Massachusetts carries a fifteen year maximum if the felony version of this offense is charged. Given the tragic nature of this case it would not surprise me to see the district attorney look for at least a fifteen year sentence if Vega gets convicted.

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