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Massachusetts Limo Driver Charged With OUI

Brian Harrison used to drive limousines for Lynnette’s Limousine Company. He is now suspended from the job as a result of an OUI arrest that occurred last weekend in Lowell, Massachusetts. Charges of Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol are now pending in the Lowell District Court. According to reports it was prom night and Harrison was driving a group of high school students. At around 11:30 p.m. one of the passengers called his parent who in turn notified the police. Apparently the driver was swerving enough to cause one of the passengers enough concern to ask to get out of the vehicle. Harrison left and returned to plead with the passengers to get back into the vehicle. They refused and ultimately the police arrived and Harrison was arrested.

Limo Driver Charged With OUI In Lowell, Massachusetts

This is a first offense OUI which typically gets resolved by continuing the case without a finding and imposing the alternative “24D” disposition. It is questionable whether Harrison will get that result due to the fact that he was responsible for teenagers at the time of the offense. Moreover Harrison is lucky that none of the passengers was fourteen years old or younger. Had that been the case he could have been charged with OUI Child Endangerment.

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