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Massachusetts Not The Only State That Believes That Driving While Texting Is As Dangerous As OUI

Recent studies have shown that driving while texting, DWT, makes the chance of getting into an accident fifty percent greater. By many this act is considered more dangerous than OUI. California has now passed a law that bans cell phone use by drivers. New York maintains that position as does Connecticut, New Jersey and Washington. Fourteen states have now banned texting while driving. Some states ban cell phone use for novice drivers or school bus drivers, For many of these states all the police need to do is see the driver on his phone while he is driving to issue the citation. Others need another reason to stop the driver such as speeding or other infractions. There is now a device available that jams cell phone signals in cars once the ignition is turned on. Many people who have been drinking are pulled over due to erratic motor vehicle operation that is caused by texting while driving. It is only a matter of time before Massachusetts will implement one of these laws.

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States Other Than Massachusetts Believe That Driving While Texting (DWT) Might Be More Dangerous Than DUI

Once Massachusetts passes a ban on DWT a violation of the law will probably be considered a civil infraction. This could result in fines, license suspensions or revocations and surcharges on your insurance. It will be interesting to see how this law comes into existence in this state.

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