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Seattle Seahawks Fullback Charged With DUI

Owen Schmitt is slated to be the Seattle Seahawks starting fullback this season. He is a fifth round draft pick from West Virginia going into his second season in the National Football League. Last weekend Schmitt was arrested and charged with drunk driving or OUI as it is called in Massachusetts. Officers observed Schmitt’s vehicle weaving and following other cars too closely. He was pulled over at which time the police noted the smell of alcohol. Schmitt submitted to performing field sobriety tests. He failed those tests and took the breathalyzer test. The results exceeded a .08.

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NFL Player Arrested And Charged With OUI

The consequences of a first offense OUI in Washington are much more severe than in Massachusetts. There is a mandatory sentence of at least one day for a conviction of this crime. There is no mandatory minimum period of incarceration in Massachusetts for the same offense. Washington has a mandatory ninety day loss of license. Massachusetts’ is half that long. You must install an ignition interlock device after a first offense conviction in Washington. This is not the case in Massachusetts. One aspect of Washington law that is more favorable than in Massachusetts is the look back provision for prior offenses. Washington has a seven year look back whereas Massachusetts considers any prior conviction in calculating what offense is being charged.

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