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Taunton Massachusetts Driver Charged With Assaulting Emergency Workers in OUI Arrest

A man from Taunton was arrested in that town for driving drunk and flying into a rage after his arrest, the Taunton Gazette reported Oct. 7. The article does not specify the circumstances behind the DUI charge against Raymond Butler, 45. But after his arrest and placement in the back of a police car, the article says, the arresting officer said Butler began screaming, banging his head against the window. The officer also said Butler used profanity and crude sexual references, and threatened to claim that the officer assaulted him.

He later complained that his pacemaker was bothering him, so police called an ambulance. When EMTs arrived, Butler allegedly screamed at them and flailed so much that he struck one of them. When he arrived at the hospital, he allegedly screamed vulgarities at hospital staff, threatened a nurse and pulled an IV out of his arm. He was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol; having an open container in his vehicle; threatening to commit a crime; disturbing the peace; assault and battery on ambulance personnel; and disorderly conduct.

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The evidence of Butler’s disruptive behavior could make this case difficult for a Massachusetts DUI defense attorney, but not necessarily because he was guilty of driving while intoxicated. It is not clear from the article whether the police have solid evidence against Butler, and what that evidence might be. (If the description in the article is accurate, Butler may have refused the breathalyzer test, making it more difficult to prove intoxication.) But even a strong defense may not impress a jury when evidence suggests the defendant was hostile. Even though the charges stemming from that behavior are separate from the DUI charge, juries may incorrectly believe they support the idea that the defendant was driving drunk. Depending on the other evidence in the case, an experienced Massachusetts OUI defense lawyer may consider suggesting a guilty plea in exchange for a 24D sentence (alternative disposition) that lowers the penalties considerably.

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