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Braintree Massachusetts Woman Arrested And Charged With OUI Drugs, Alcohol

Last week Nancy Toledo of Braintree, Massachusetts was stopped for having a defective taillight. Once stopped the police officer observed signs consistent with alcohol and drug use. Toledo was asked to perform some Field Sobriety Tests. According to reports Toledo took the tests and failed. She was transported to the police station where she was given the Breathalyzer Test. She failed this too. She was charged with OUI Drugs and Alcohol. Toledo was also charged with Resisting Arrest. After the defendant’s car was searched more charges were added; Possession of Drugs and Drinking from an Open Container. The case will be prosecuted in the Quincy District Court.

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Massachusetts Woman Fails Breathalyzer Test, Field Sobriety Tests And Gets Charged With DUI Drugs, Alcohol

Assuming the taillight was in fact defective and stop was constitutionally permissible Toledo’s best option might be to admit to sufficient facts and enter the “24D” program. There she will be placed on probation for one year. She will have to enter and complete an alcohol awareness program, pay some fines and lose her license for forty five days. She will be eligible for a hardship license assuming she meets the criteria set out by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. She may also have to undergo some drug counseling if the judge believes she might have a substance abuse problem. Successfully trying this case will be a challenge due to the presence of drugs, the failed field sobriety tests and the failed breathalyzer test.

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