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Framingham Massachusetts Man Charged With OUI After Hitting Pedestrian

Emilio Bicalho was arrested Saturday after hitting a pedestrian with his motor vehicle in a crosswalk. The forty six year old Framingham, Massachusetts man admitted to the police that he had consumed two beers earlier that day. Eyewitnesses stated that the impact of the collision caused the victim to fall on the hood of the van and then hit the ground. Police stated that Bicalho smelled like alcohol and had glassy and bloodshot eyes. He was charged with OUI and Driving Without a License. The case is pending in the Framingham District Court.

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Massachusetts Man Hits Pedestrian, Admits To Drinking Two Beers And Gets Charged With DUI

If this article is accurate and detailed the district attorney might have a hard time proving this case. Every police report generated after an OUI arrest states that the suspect smelled like alcohol and had glassy and bloodshot eyes. That this was reported in this case is no surprise. I would be surprised to see a police report pertaining to a DUI case that does not make that statement. Good defense lawyers in Massachusetts are quick to point this out to juries and make sure that the jurors do not use this contention as a determinative factor in their deliberations. The ingestion of two beers is never enough to prove impairment. Two beers consumed without being metabolized at all yield a blood alcohol content of .04 or one half the legal limit. There were no field sobriety tests given and there was no breathalyzer test taken. This does not add up to a conviction for OUI in Massachusetts.

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