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Taunton Massachusetts Man Charged With 4th Offense OUI, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Last week Robert Meserve was held without bail after being charged with his fourth OUI offense and leaving the scene of an accident. The case is being prosecuted in the Taunton District Court. According to reports, last Tuesday around 11:00 p.m. police responded to a report of a car chase near the Taunton Green rotary. A 911 caller reported being in his car when it was struck by another car that took off. The caller followed the subject and updated police with his location. The suspect, Meserve was stopped. Officers detected an odor of alcohol on his breath, glassy and bloodshot eyes and unsteadiness on his feet. Meserve was given field sobriety tests which he failed. He refused the breathalyzer test.

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Massachusetts Man Picks Up 4th Offense DUI

Fourth offense OUI cases in Massachusetts have severe consequences. In addition to steep court costs, fines and fees there is a mandatory one year jail sentence that you must serve. Fourth offense DUI cases are felonies in Massachusetts. There is a potential five year state prison sentence associated with this charge. Meserve’s biggest problem stems from leaving the scene. This is one of those exacerbating factors that can lead to a judge imposing a sentence higher than the minimum mandatory. This action might also result in the district attorney prosecuting this case in the Superior Court. Had Meserve stayed and exchanged insurance information with the person he hit the police might not have been called and these charges might not have issued.

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